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This product is certified by CE 

Model: YI-SM-02



1. Easy to clean with double shaking frame and stainless steel structure;

2. Custom time setting with the range of 0-60 seconds;

3. Shaking Machine YI-SM-02 adopts relay controlling system;

4. Stable timer control;

5. Wire connection meets CE standard;

6. Shaking Machine YI-SM-02 utilizes the mechanical inertial rotation principle to reduce noises, vibration;

7. Super easy to operate;

8. All stainless steel body makes it sanitary and clean;
9. Stable shaking performance;

10. Emergency stop switch available to ensure safety and reliability;

11. Sturdy and durable;

12. Easy to disassemble and install. 


NEW ENGLAND SUPER SEALER YI-SM-02 Automatic Countertop Shaking Machine

  • Product Name: Yumenomori Automatic Tabletop Shaking Machine YI-SM-02 (CE-Certified)

    Brand: Yumenomori

    Model: YI-SM-02

    Safety Certification: CE

    Voltage (V/Hz): 110/220/50/60

    Power (W): 40

    Timer Accuracy: 0.1 Second

    Perfomance Environment: -15°C - 60°C

    Machine Dimension (L*W*H) (mm): 310*270*330

    Weight (Kg): 24

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