Suit for fill: liquid sugar, sauce (no solid), yogurt, syrup, cream.

Use for storefront, product testing, restaurant.



The most popular table type model.

Small machine size, light weight, and low cost investment.

User friendly operational interface, controlled by microcomputer.

Speed and capacity adjustable for quantitative filling.

Easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Microcomputer program can be reset for different flowing.

Yumenomori Automatic Tabletop Syrup Dispenser YI-SD-09 (UL-Certified)


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    The current business focus of Yumenomori is to provide world-class equipment and top-quality supplies to restaurants, teashops, and coffee shops. Meanwhile in the first phase, we specialized in supplying standard and custom equipment such as sealing machine, shaking machine, steamer machine, and syrup dispenser; beginning 2018 as part of the second phase, we have successfully established specializations in Point of Sale system, food supply chain, cups, and sealing film production.

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